About Us


Our vision is to be the engineering, construction and project management company of choice.


Our mission is to build homes worth having, assets worth owning.


  1. Quality
  2. Integrity Focus on customer’s needs
  3. Innovation
  4. Professionalism

Who are we:

YAMM is considered one of the leading construction firms in Egypt with high reputations of innovation, respect for the environment and excellence of service. Our CEO has established in 1988, YAMM. Proudly today our company has grown into one of the most reputable construction companies in the Middle East with an accumulated turnover of over US$350 million. We went through several phases of growth until it finally incorporated in 1998, where the scope of its work expanded to include renovations and upgrades of buildings, turn key projects, tourist resorts, factories, and office buildings.

Additionally, our company has been a commercial and residential builder in Egypt for over 30 years. The company provides high quality services, maintains high engineering standards, and insures the preservation of the environment. We are known of keeping both the time factor and budget under control as set forth by the client, which is achieved by over 25 years of technical expertise of the management and skilled employees throughout the years.

Our company has developed systems for the implementation of engineering projects from beginning to end. Raising the rates of self-execution to 100% of the total size of the projects implemented annually. This includes and not limited to:

  1. Swimming pools, water systems, sewage and water treatment plants,
  2. HVAC systems of all kinds,
  3. Site preparation and coordination and maintenance of parks and green spaces.

Our aim is to always meet the expectations of our customers; through giving the best quality and meeting deadlines, with respect to security measures, maintenance and confidence. YAMM is known to be one of the most multi-disciplined engineering, contracting and construction companies in Egypt.

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